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Architecture in Hong Kong

When we are awake, we are designing. Some days we design the streets as we stroll, sometimes it’s a bird cage or a book mark. It comes like a breath, automatic + constant. Sometimes deep + fulfilling, other times habitually + subconscious, always for an improved quality of life. We design so we can improve + grow, question + learn. We design so we can have the space we need to move throughout our day, throughout our life. We are a team, we design together + we improve together. Sometimes it’s romantic, other times it’s just logical.

Our studio was created in the Spring of 2015. It’s a happy place, it’s small but it’s our sanctuary. Our website is our portal to everywhere else.  You can come + visit us in our studio, or you can peek online + speak to us when you’re ready.  We love what we’ve created so far in such a short space of time, it’s not grown from thin air, it’s developed over years of learning + listening in our corporate lives. The H²a flower is fresh + sweet but the seed was planted deep in the busy forest years ago. Needless to say, we can stand tall with the old oaks but now, branching out on our own, we’re reaching much higher.

How awesome is the penguin that takes the first leap?

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Retail/Mixed use


Product design

We strive to offer contextual, emotional and

well-considered design solutions to all scales of projects. 

It is our belief that design work is based on inspiration, communication and hard work.

Specialising in architectural design, home interior design, interior design ideas. Modern interior design. Architects. Design