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A traditional bamboo streamer is, to me, a beautiful piece of kitchen ware. Textual, slightly coarse grain, curving continuously and a rhythmic weave of smooth bamboo cane forming a delicate sole made rigid with struts bound tightly with kisses. If I could build a house from them I would (hold that thought!).


Bamboo shade came about after being overcome with desire to create more things with these beautiful objects. The bamboo sides are so thin + the weaving is skillfully handmade to allow steam to pass through the gaps, I thought it would be beautiful to allow light to pass through the gaps too. Being careful not to defect the original beauty of the steamer, Bamboo Shade, hangs upside down from the ceiling, creating light + shadow through the open weave in the middle and through the close weave of the lid.


Bamboo Shade also works well as a hanging basket, or a combination of the two.​

higgins + higgins

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